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About Us

Unifo with a global vision offers innovative and world class solutions to a wide range of industry segments like Supply Chain and Logistics industry with expertise in minimizing costs and enhancing productivity using latest cloud technologies. With proven project management and SaaS model of solution delivery capabilities, we offer complete plug and play solutions to all your business challenges.

We provide services, wherein you can collaborate with your business partners and external stakeholders in the value chain. Our solutions simplify and coordinate your internal business processes and make it platform independent with mobile and web applications for complete visibility. It brings transparency, control and business insights.

While exists 'On Cloud', it is accessible from hand-held devices, and coexists 'On premise' too

Unifo has multiple solutions that can be used in industries like Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Transportation, Logistics and so on…where Processes, Productivity, Performance, Quality measurements are the part of business engagement. Day- to- day operations of your business comprise a chain of transactions such as, Actions performed by Management team, Employees, Business-Partners, Vendors, Suppliers, coupled with situations driven by regulations, geography, people, resources, politics, disasters other industrial relationships all influence the result of every such transactions either directly or indirectly. So, alerts and studies form a crucial role in decision making and notifying the same to every stakeholder-concerned.

Dynamic realities of today's business environment requires an exponential power of collaboration among, these performance, Process, Actions and alerts all with plug and play solutions enhancing your business results and Unifo brings this power into your business.

Scale-up Your Business Efficiency With Unifo

Unifo provides organizations the ability to model, manage, and optimize their processes for significant gains such as Agility and Flexibility. New processes can be modeled, implemented, deployed, and optimized more quickly in response to changing business requirements. Processes can span heterogeneous industry. Constantly changing business conditions demand a high level of flexibility in business processes. Unifo's differentiator is its innovative and revolutionary approach toward product development.


Business Benefits

  • Increased Productivity
  • Intuitive and real-time. Sense and responds faster.
  • Transparency, flexibility, responsiveness and control
  • Operational Efficiency and reduced cost
  • Improved managementof core business process
  • Multilingual, multi-currency and multi-country enabled
  • Real-time alerts, reports and KPI

Managed Visibility

PO to POD Visibility at your command with unlimited workflows, milestone based mobile and mail alerts and Track and Trace.

Unified On Cloud

Single File Concept, Collaborating all partners under one platform and Multi Party Access.

Wings Of Mobility

GPS, Mobile Apps , RF Device and Electronic Signatures.

Seamless Integration

One Single Solution for Supply Chain Execution. Seamless integration with other applications. EDIs, XMLs or Web Services.


The current context is about material movements and the information flow. There is a need to capture these information at various stages and respond to them efficiently, that leads to customer delight by delivering the material and providing the right information to the right people at the right location. Also the end users of the solution will rejoice the smooth transactions.

Our solutions are flexible enough to personalize and ensure your scalability through enhancement and diversification of your business.

We Have :-

  • Costs optimization and enhancing productivity using latest technologies and cloud computing
  • SaaS model of solution delivery
  • Expertise in Supply Chain and logistics domain
  • Proven project management expertise
  • Complete plug and play solutions for Supply Chain and logistics industry
  • Customized BI and Mobility solutions for any Industry on top of any applications