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Workflow Management (POMS / Portal)

Workflow Management (POMS / Portal) is one of the prime solutions from Unifo that energizes every operation in logistics industry.

As the name indicates, this solution connects every significant point in the life cycle of logistics operations, collaborating all stakeholders on a single platform to share message alerts and respond to the same in a cost-effective manner. This platform has a global portal that operates on a single database integrating with other systems reducing the cost and help scale-up your business efficiency.



  • Collaboration tool for all parties involved
  • Business Process driven Workflow management
  • Visibility through the Supply Chain
  • Sales enquiries Management
  • Document Management and Archiving
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Flexible Reporting
  • EDI integration
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Transport Order Management
  • Performance Quality Management
  • Events and Escalations Management
  • Process and milestones Management
  • Alerts and Dashboard
  • Track and trace
  • Customer –Vendor Management
  • Document Management
  • Interface Capability

Workflow Management and Visibility Solution-Benefits