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Unifo Sales Cloud

Unifo's Sales Cloud automates functions of sales management, captures customer relations, enabling superior customer service and to realize more efficient and productive sales processes.

This system tracks sales processing, customer interactions, Schedules, contact management, information sharing, customer management, as well as analyzing sales forecasts and employee performance evaluation.



  • USC package includes a Web-ready database, an e-mail facility and customizable templates.
  • A three- tiered architecture is used to separate the database, server, and application to reduce programming demands on clients.
  • A web based design by module is generally used, to allow users to customize the package to suit their needs.
  • All data and storages are at an Oracle facility, similar to the application service provider model, this means that the data can be accessed with any Internet connection and that the client need not arrange for any special hardware or software.


  • Driving Leads and Managing Opportunities
  • Easy, centralized tracking of Customer Information
  • Account & Contact Management
  • Mail Correspondence & Notifications
  • Call Management
  • Easy and Fast Sales Report Generation
  • Complaint Status Management
  • Easy Sales Forecasting
  • Budget Vs Performance Maintenance
  • Internal Requisitions